about me.

hi, welcome to my blog. call me razor blades, if you need a name. i'm a twenty-something university student living somewhere in europe. i made this site to act as my own little virtual diary.

here are some facts about me, in no particular order:
i have a cat who i love very much.
i play many instruments, and am not particularly good at any of them. same goes for languages.
i love writing songs but i'm too chickenshit to ever show them to anyone.
i love anything and everything creative.
rammstein is my all-time favourite band. and flake rocks.
i'm painfully introverted, horrifically socially awkward and trying to change that.
i have one hell of a sweet tooth.
i feel most comfortable when i'm wearing all black and have my hair dyed some crazy colour.
i want to get piercings but i'm waiting until i've finished my work placement.
i'm a protestant but i think catholic iconography is pretty fucking neat.
i'm learning how to love myself.